Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Situation

The Situation is a loosely structured series of events and conversations that began in 2001 in Beverly, Massachusetts. The primary focus of the conversations was the production of a collaborative magazine. The basic premise of the Situation is that there are shared themes in everyday life that do not always rise to the level of awareness as ART. The aim of the Situation is to illuminate these themes through the presentation of events or the making of objects which embody those themes. The Situation is collaborative and the participants are changing. The original conversations eventually led to A Backyard Situation in Wenham Mass. in the summer of 2001. In 2004 several situations took place in a building at 292 Cabot Street in Beverly, Mass. The Car situations grew out of conversations about cars. The Car situations included Jen Arbour, Leonie Bradbury, Ethan Berry and one other artist. The Music Situation addressed ideas about Music and Artists. The Music Situation included Brian Roff, Ed Dormody, Djim Reynolds, Greg Porter and David Micheal Curry. In each case the participants engaged the event itself and their individual response to the topic. Each Situation occured in the public sphere.