Monday, March 14, 2011


The Northeast Inttitute for Analog Studies just got more interesting.

A series of three film related workshops

Preservation and Handling of Home movies and small gage film.
Super-8 Films and other small gage home movies stils contain viable images that can be preserved and presented in the original form or as converted digital files.This workshop is for those who are interested in preserving, identifying and perhaps duplicating their home movies or small gage films. Students will learn how to identify the various common gages of home movies; 16mm, 8mm, and super-8. Students will also learn how to safely handle old fim reels while viewing and cataloging the contents.
Students will learn how compile and to repair and splice films
Students will learn how to prepare the films for telecine conversion to digital files or video tape.
Students can take the films they have worked on and project them for friends or have them converted by the telecine process to digital files or video tape.

One reel workshop
This workshop is and itroduction to super-8 film making.
Lectures and emonstrations will cover camera operations and basic photographic principles
Students learn the basics of shot choice, camera movement, storyboarding and editing for clarity.
A 50 foot super-8 fim cartridge last approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Students will plan storyboard and shoot a single roll of super 8 film for showing at our ONE REEL FESTIVAL

Student will present their finished one rell films to the public in this festival celebration. Invited fim makers will also show thir work.

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